Frequently Asked Questions

With the unique “shop:share:earn” program, you earn rewards whenever you contribute to our community by shopping yourself, sharing content to others, or by participating in community-driven marketing initiatives. Members with Founder-status earn rewards from all revenue generated to the community.
Rewards can be redeemed at any time against deals offered by our partners, or by exchanging reward-points to DCENT tokens.
All trackable social sharing initiatives resulting in community revenue is eligible for rewards.
In order to conclude sharingclub’s Membership Contract, natural persons or legal persons must be at least 18 years old.
sharingclub.io uses internationally recognized security technologies to protect Members’ data against unauthorized access.
Rewards are distributed based on The Member Smart contract.
There are no fees associated with the general usage of our platform. Fees only applies for usage of specific services and community social sharing initiatives.
Rewards are distributed on daily basis, planned to be distributed in real-time as of Q3 2023.
Balance history is displayed after logging in to Members personal account on www.sharingclub.io

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